Finding Fulfillment in Following God

Are you still debating whether or not your relationship with God needs a little TLC this year? My guess is that you already know the answer to that question… the real question is whether or not YOU are ready to give a your relationship with God the effort and attention it needs… Maybe you just need to be reminded what a true relationship with God could look like in your life!

Well, what does a true relationship with anyone look like?

In a true relationship with God…

You spend time together. You enjoy the other’s companionship. You talk, and sometimes you’re just quiet. You plan activities together and sometimes you do nothing. You confide in each other. You laugh together and sometimes you cry. You know the other’s likes and dislikes. You know how to “push their buttons” and sometimes you do it just for fun. You know their “style”. You know what they would say, think or do about things. You care about their opinion. You build each other up. You irritate each other. You challenge each other. You help each other. You can count on them to be there for you when you need them…. And, you find yourself missing them when you are not together.

This is a real relationship.

Yes, they are rare.  Yes, they take effort to cultivate, but aren’t they worth having?  Aren’t they what our soul longs for?

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Do you doubt that you can have something this real with God?

What if I told you it was possible?

And not only is it possible, but this is the kind of relationship God longs for too?!?!

But, it takes dedication

Just like in any relationship, we must apply a high level of dedication and commitment to cultivating growing a fruitful and meaningful connection with someone. I imagine this is why so few people manage to succeed.

Maybe we need some extra motivation!

10 Reasons to Seek an True Relationship with God this New Year

1) You need God in your life 

Whether your recognize it or not, you are unfulfilled. You are carrying heavy burdens. Somewhere in every person’s life there is need for a miracle.

Maybe you have been distracting yourself by keeping your mind and your schedule jam-packed with other things; but, when you slow down, as you must at some point, you know deep down something is missing.

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2) You are lonely

If you are single, you probably think your loneliness is due to your relationship state.

But, if you are in a relationship, especially if you have been married for a while, you know that there are moments when you can feel loneliest you’ve ever been in that relationship. Maybe it is because you thought when you entered the relationship that your days of loneliness were over; and, now, not only are you still lonely, but you are let down in what you thought was a reasonable expectation.

It’s normal to feel this way, because our hearts long for perfect relationship… and the person we are with is imperfect; thus, every human relationship is necessarily doomed to moments of  deception.  Not so with God.

If you are looking for perfect relationship, the only one you can find it with is Him.

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3) You are weak

Do you feel like you are constantly letting yourself, God, or other people down?

You need strength. Probably, you want to do so much but you keep falling short. Somehow, despite your best efforts, you never seem to manage to accomplish what you set out to do. (Also, stop worrying about other people… I promise, once you start only worrying about what God thinks, all that will fall into place. You cannot serve 2 masters.)

4) You are afraid

You are uncertain, you worry. The responsibility that comes with big decisions makes you uncomfortable. Maybe, you want to be happy but you aren’t sure what will make you happy. Maybe your worry is about big things like about what job to take, what career path to study, what person to marry, or even about little things, like what toothpaste to buy, or what to fee your family for dinner.

Whatever it may be, it’s always nice to have someone to “weigh in” on what concerns you.  You want advice from someone who won’t make fun of your worries.  You want someone who will always care as much as you do.

Guess what?!?!

He exists!

5) You need a miracle

You need your cancer to be healed.  A loved one (or yourself) needs to break an addiction. There are massive financial troubles, extended family troubles, marital problems, and health problems.

If it isn’t you, we all know someone who needs a miracle.

Miracles still happen. They are still there.

We just have to have faith.

Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. – Matthew 17:20

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6) You struggle to love yourself

You worry about your weight, or your hair or eye color.  You worry about your acne and your freckles. You spend far too much of your already tiny income on makeup, perfumes, dyes, paints, nails and beauty parlors. You sometimes cry in the mirror. You doubt your talents and abilities.  You fear public speaking, parties, karaoke, selfies and any kind of attention…. either that or you dive in so intensely that no one else will ever suspect how much you struggle because you are looking for other people’s praise and admiration to fill the hole in your heart.

But, my darling, you were created perfect for a purpose.

Everything from your talents to your body type was designed specifically and especially for your happiness.

Until you know and understand your purpose and your Maker you can never truly appreciate who you are.

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7) You need meaning and purpose in your life

Life without direction is pointless.

Life directed at personal comfort has proven itself time and again to be unfulfilling. There are only so many possessions you can acquire before you realize that they leave you empty.

What else is there?

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8) Suffering is real.

You struggle, you ache, you hurt. Illness, death and loss are part of life. Heartache and heartbreak are both all too real and prevalent in our society. If there is nothing to give these meaning and worth, then there is nothing left but depression and despair.

In a relationship with God, suffering takes on purpose. It becomes a source of empathy, compassion, and strength.  It takes on value and often becomes an opportunity to learn something far beyond the situation itself.

9) You have regret.

Mistakes are common and we feel their enduring effects for untold amounts of time afterward. Some mistakes are big and some are smaller, but, no matter the mistake, the pain is real. We try to play it off like we are strong, but inside we hurt. It’s so easy to say “get back up again” or “let it go” but the reality is not always as simple.

Some wounds require healing.  Some regrets need forgiveness. Sometimes our weakness makes us struggle with self acceptance (see #6).

10) You have wounds.

People have said or done things that hurt you. Your ability to trust, love, and forgive is damaged. Your wounds make you doubt your self worth and your abilities. They make you doubt your beauty and your love-ability. Your faith in yourself, humanity, and God is damaged, often beyond human repair. But “nothing is impossible for God” (Lk 1:37).

Touch Him. Let Him touch you.

“For as many as touched Him were healed” (Mk. 6:56)

mercy me - the hurt and the healer

Mercy Me – The Hurt and the Healer – Click to Listen!

A True Relationship with God

The beauty of a relationship with God is that, unlike those we love, He is the only one who can actually read your mind, who doesn’t care if you are a good communicator or you can never find the right words. He’s the only one who is never too busy to take care of you at the exact moment you need it. He is the most patient, most compassionate, most understanding, most respectful, most encouraging person you will ever meet, and the only one with whom you can genuinely have a perfect relationship.

He is a person you need to meet. But, meeting Him isn’t enough. You also need to get to know Him. You need to build this relationship. Deepen it. Discover more of His strength, His love, His compassion, His personality, His peace, His healing and His joy.

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Do you want this kind of relationship?

Does your soul long for something more than a world that lets you down? Then, I challenge you.

Come with me on this journey.

Open your heart.

Bare your soul.

Hold nothing back.

Allow yourself to be valued, shown your worth, loved – completely, totally, and passionately.

What happens when you feel loved?

You feel loveable, valuable, like you matter!

You will start to see a new person in the mirror and begin to appreciate who you are, and how you were made.

Weight you may not even know you had will fall off your shoulders and you will hold your head higher than ever before. You will no longer feel the need to keep fighting so hard for appreciation, respect, love or perfection any more.

You will just be happy.  Happy like you’ve never known. Peaceful like you’ve never experienced.

Need more reasons to pursue a true relationship with God?

No matter who you are or how wonderful you think your relationship with God is, you can always go deeper for God is infinite.

I challenge you today to seek Him like never before, to get to know Him better and to make Him the absolute and irreplaceable center of your life. 

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Share below what motivates you most to seek a true relationship with God?  And/or how your relationship with God has impacted your life.

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