Finding Fulfillment in Following God


It’s lovely to meet you

You believe God has a plan for your life. You seek passion and clarity brimming with purpose and meaning. You yearn to respond to His invitation, “Come, Follow me.”

But when it comes to practically living it out, its a little harder than it sounds.

Life stops you in your tracks. Things don’t go as planned. There are too many decisions and not enough lightning bolts. Fear might be causing paralysis (or, at the very least, procrastination). Doubts and regrets threaten to undo everything you’ve built your life on, and/or burnout might be tempting you to throw in the towel.

But, whether you are just starting out, feeling lost in the middle, or getting ready to give up, I hope to come alongside you in this space, to encourage you to rethink what it means to be CALLED and to discover yourself and your soul’s truest joy in the process.

For everything that is created wants, in the depths of its being, to do what it was created to do.

~Friedrich Hoffmann

A little of my story

I’ve been on a quest to discover and follow God’s will for as long as I can remember, but I am finally getting to a season where all the things I’ve learned along the way are starting to click together in cohesive ways and pouring out in words.

With multiple advanced degrees and an unintentional, but unavoidable bent towards teaching and a passion for education in general, I always imagined that I would be a spinster-y language professor who lived alone, buried in books in the south of Spain… that or accidentally married to a Mexican bartender.

But, God’s plan almost always looks different than we imagine it (Thank goodness!).

Somehow, I now live in Vermont, writing, and pursuing a quiet, intentional life with my beloved postmaster husband, 7 children (Yes, the photo needs to be updated), 30 acres, 500+ maple trees, chickens, herb gardens, farm stands, and a sourdough starter.

God certainly has a sense of humor 🙂

People tell me I am “living my dream”  …and I laugh inside.

I could never have drempt this up! Never in a million years!

And yet, here is peace! Not the peace that comes from unchallenged, restful relaxation, but rather a peace of intense conviction of being exactly where I’m meant to be, every moment drawn, beckoned to an even more intense Relationship. A deep, pervading peace that makes doubt impossible and regret unthinkable. The hard is real, but I am so glad His plans are greater than mine…

The path to Himself is the one He lays at your feet.

~S. Marchand

Every single thing that He permits to happen in our lives has a two-fold purpose: First, to invite us (or others through us) into deeper relationship with Him, and second, to encourage us to grow into the person He created us with the capacity to become.

Every season, every moment, is an invitation to enter into an intimate relationship of His leading, our following and deep listening in which His strength is used to show off our beauty – the beauty we have as “image of God”, the reflection of Him that not only draws us to, but also proves the beauty and majesty of the Divine. This active and intentional flowing with grace and God’s plan is how we glorify God.

This flow where intimacy meets action, strength meets beauty, and relationship meets growth, forms the foundation of everything I write, because I want you also to experience this incredible transformative power in your own life and heart.

And don’t forget, You are never alone.

You’ve got me, and Him, and the rest of the ParticularlyCALLED family.



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