Finding Fulfillment in Following God

The other day I was complaining at God about myself. Seems like I do a lot of that… (Read also – Why, God?))

I was complaining that I am insufficient for the job He has been asking me to do. I’m not a patient enough mother, not a good enough listener, not an understanding or respectful enough wife. I am too quick to jump to conclusions and tend to think I have all the answers, but really it just makes me seem clueless and inconsiderate. I’m somehow unable to ever finish ordinary household tasks before my husband comes home from work at night and he ends up picking up my slack.  (No, I don’t feel this is something I have to do, just something I love the idea of being able to do for him – trust me, it never happens).

Anyhow, I had a whole litany of my faults that I laid out at His feet to complain at Him for doing such a “poor job” when he created me.

I ended with a triumphal flourish, “The only thing I’m good at is learning!” (I have 2 masters degrees) thinking it to be a worthless talent in my current state in life.

Instantly I felt a virtual slap across the face for being so dense and He said to me, “Well, then, LEARN!!”

It’s amazing how in so few words He turns our complaints against us and our greatest worries into our triumphs.

I am good at learning!

Of course! (*Facepalm*)

That’s the ONLY talent I need!

Each of us is good at learning.  We are created with intelligence for a reason!

You can take each overwhelming situation and ask,

God, what do you want me to learn from this?

How can this lesson teach me more love/patience/kindness/understanding…?

How can I grow from this?

It is true that we are imperfect and we are always required to do that little bit more than we can handle so that we can grow.  But, this is good for us! This makes us better people. It keeps us humble (Prayers to keep us humble)… and humility enables us to learn.

life sucks, more than we can handle

What are you learning lately?  Comment below!

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