Finding Fulfillment in Following God

Do you experience longing in your life?  Longing for more? for relationships that actually matter? for answers? for truth? for honesty? Longing to be understood? known? appreciated? loved? Longing for freedom? from pain? from weakness? addictions? depression? anxiety? stress? money? regret?

Am I alone in wishing life were more straightforward? more simple? more enjoyable? in a word, more perfect?

I doubt it…

Are you aching?

Why do we spend so much of our time wishing things were different? better? Are we wasting our lives? Are we not facing our reality head on? Life puts in front of us SO many questions, questions that seem to have no answers, so we keep trudging onward because we don’t know what else to do. Is it bad that we have longings, desires and ideals?

When mankind was created we were created for Eden, for Paradise.  We were created by a perfect God for perfection.  We were created to need it to feel that we are where we belong. So, NO, nothing is wrong with you, and, NO, you are not alone.

NO, nothing is wrong with you, and, NO, you are not alone.

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Longing for Paradise

Only one thing is wrong. We no longer live in Eden.

We now live in a damaged world, a world that is only a shadow of the paradise we have been created to NEED.

Our longing is a beautiful part of us that reminds us that this world is not our home, in fact, the only part of us that keeps our eyes fixed on the promise of something greater. I would argue that the one who has abandoned longing is the one who has lost hope. He has sold out, settled.

Without longing we would forget that we have been made for more, that this is not where we belong. Longing keeps us searching, keeps us fighting for something better, keeps our standards high and gives us hope that there must be something to fill it.

Filling the Longing

There is something that fills it.  There is only one perfect thing in this universe, there is only one thing that fills our longing for perfection, for answers. The only way to find peace in an imperfect world is to live in the heart of perfection Himself.

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Satisfying the Longing

  1. Pursue a Deeper Relationship with God Pursue it like you mean it.  Be willing to spend your time, effort and money on it.  Be willing to change your habits, your friendships, your lifestyle.
  2. Cultivate Interior and Exterior Silence so that He can speak to you
  3. Learn to recognize God reaching out to you
  4. Be prepared to be completely consumed by a love you never knew possible!

So, keep longing, dearest heart. Keep searching for more! Eventually you can’t help but find it, find HIM, and you will know joy and fullness like you never imagined.

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