Finding Fulfillment in Following God

Why, God?

Why me? Why this? Why now? Why do these things happen to me?

Why must I constantly give more? Why does it feel like the more I give, the more you want to take?  Why do you never let me feel like what I’ve given is good enough?

Why do I feel so alone, like you have abandoned me to do this on my own?

Why does life have to be all about dying to myself? Why can’t I get a break once in a while?  Why does getting comfortable have to be such a bad thing?

Why does your will always have to hurt? Why can’t life have meaning outside of the cross?

Why do you ask so much of me? Why do you give me so much responsibility? Why can’t you choose someone else?

‘Why’, my dear? ‘Why?’no servant greater than his master

Because no servant is greater than His master.

Because you must suffer to know  compassion.

Because you must experience your limits to know that you cannot do it alone…. and discover that you aren’t.

Because you must trust in order to grow.

Because you must try in order to succeed.

Because you must fail in order to learn.

Because you must die in order to rise.

Because I see the future and you cannot. You must act now to later see the value in hindsight.

But most of all, because I want the best for you.

Because I love you.

called, calling, vocation

God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son to see how far he would go, how much he would trust. (Genesis 22:1-18)

He waited until Lazarus was DEAD to come to the aid of Martha and Mary.  (John 11:1-44)

He allowed Jonah to be swallowed by a fish (Jonah 2:1) and Daniel to be thrown to the lions (Daniel 6).

He allowed the devil to destroy Job’s home, family, livestock, lands and even his health (Job 1:6-12) to prove that, even in suffering, Job’s faith would not waiver.

He told the apostles to preach the word of God to the ends of the earth but not to take a second pair of sandals nor bread for the journey  (Luke 10:4).for God so loved the world

He allowed His only Son to carry His cross to Calvary, to be stripped, beaten, insulted and hated.

He allowed his prophets and apostles to be tortured, exiled and murdered.

…and the list continues…

The point is, the lives of every great person in the history of the world have been marked with suffering, trial, pain and uncertainty. If you feel this in your life, it simply means YOU are called to be numbered among the greats.

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Why ask why?

God often humors us by answering our questions of “why?” because He knows it is natural human response… but it doesn’t change the fact that “Why?” can be a dangerous question.

The real question isn’t to ask “why?“!

None of the greats ever asked “why”! 

Why?” is a sign of a lack of trust, a lack of faith, a lack of belief in the goodness and the love of the God who gives us life.  “Why?” is the question the devil used to trick Adam and Eve into doubting God’s goodness and taking the fruit in the garden.  He insinuates the question “Why would God ask you not to eat of this fruit?” He used the question he planted in their minds as an opening to answer the question himself. And, their doubt was the cause of their fall.

On the other hand, Mary, who had more reason to doubt and question than any other, asked instead, “How?” “How can this be!?”  She is given confidence and strength in return by an answer from God’s messenger himself, instead of the anxiety that comes with “Why?”. Thus, she is able to face the unknown with the ultimate answer of trust, “Let it be done to me according to thy will!” 

How will you answer your call? 

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