Finding Fulfillment in Following God

Are you Wrestling with God’s Will? 

Wishing you knew what it was? If you’ve messed it up? Or, why it has to be “so hard”? What role does God’s plan play in our happiness? Maybe the answers are simpler than you thought…

Clarity and Confidence are Possible

I write and speak (and live and breathe) to explore a deeper knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of what it means to be CALLED,

to develop an ever deepening Intimacy with the One who CALLS, and

to discover the soul’s truest fulfillment in the practical and unabashed living out of the perfect intersection of the two.

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Relationship with God


Who We’re Meant to Be


Discernment & Goalsetting

The Secret is Simple

It comes down to living each moment as best you can.

This is why my monthly newsletter is all about intentionally living your seasons – life seasons, nature seasons, liturgical seasons. Practice leveraging your weaknesses and maximizing your strengths in every single present moment with a monthly challenge, reflection, and freebie just for being part of the family.

I would be honored to link arms and do this life alongside you if you’ll have me.


What They’re Saying

Like a spiritual Pilates class – a core centering, spine aligning, deep breathing, precision oriented workout for the soul.”

~Space W.

Compassionate and Challenging, Truly transformative.

~Sarah N.