Building a Relationship with God

What does a true relationship with God look like?


What does a true relationship with God look like?

Well, what does a true relationship with anyone look like?You spend time together. You enjoy the other’s companionship. You talk, and sometimes you’re just quiet. You plan activities together and sometimes you do nothing. You confide in each other. You laugh together and sometimes you cry. You know the other’s likes and dislikes. You know how to “push their buttons” and sometimes you do it just for fun. You know their “style”. You know what they would say, think or do about things. You care about their opinion. You build each other up. You irritate each other. You challenge each other. You help each other. You can count on them to be there for you when you need them…. And, you find yourself missing them when you are not together.

This is a real relationship. Yes, they are hard to come by, but aren’t they worth having?  Aren’t they what our soul longs for?

Do you doubt?

What if I told you it was possible?  What if I told you you could have this too? What if I told you you could have this with GOD?

What if I told you this is the kind of relationship God longs for too?

The beauty of a True Relationship with God

The beauty of a relationship with God is that, unlike those we love, He is the only one who can actually read your mind, who doesn’t care if you are a good communicator or you can never find the right words. He’s the only one who is never too busy to take care of you at the exact moment you need it. He is the most patient, most compassionate, most understanding, most respectful, most encouraging person you will ever meet, and the only one with whom you can genuinely have a perfect relationship.

Yes, it is a simple as that! He is a person you just need to meet. If you don’t know this person yet, then you don’t have a real relationship with God. Simple as that.

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Do you want this kind of relationship?

Does your soul long for something more than a world that lets you down? Then, I challenge you. Come with me on this journey. Open your heart.  Bare your soul.  Hold nothing back. Fall in love. Allow yourself to be valued, shown your worth, loved – completely, totally, and passionately.

Need more reasons to pursue God?

Want to know what happens when you feel loved?  You feel loveable! You feel valuable! You feel like you matter. You will start to see a new person in the mirror. You start to appreciate yourself, who you are, and how you were made. Weight you may not even know you had will fall off your shoulders and you will hold your head higher than ever before. You won’t feel the need to keep fighting so hard for appreciation, respect, love or perfection any more. You will just be happy.  Happy like you’ve never known. Peaceful like you’ve never experienced.

Shall we then?

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