Finding Fulfillment in Following God

The garden at our house exploded with produce last year. The difference fertile ground makes is truly incredible!

The year before we were using the same soil that we had been using for the previous 4 years. The desperate lack of nutrients remaining in the soil was definitely starting to show. So we decided to build a whole new garden box and bought new topsoil. This process gave me an entirely new and different perspective on the Parable of the Sower.

The Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13)

A sower went out to sow.  And as he sowed, some seed fell on the path, and birds came and ate it up.  ~ Matthew 13: 3-4

What does it mean to have a heart that looks like “the path”?

The seed sown on the path is the one who hears the word of the kingdom without understanding it, and the evil one comes and steals away what was sown in his heart.

A path is mostly good soil packed down… often mixed in with pebbles and weeds. Souls like the “path” are typically well-intentioned who want to be good soil but they have problems with lack of openness that they are largely unaware of.

It can be very difficult for them to see that their soil has been smashed down by the weight of the world and made inhospitable to new growth – except for maybe a weed or two. This is difficult to recognize and takes much humility to accept. I

Parable of the sower, Ezekiel 36:26

What does it mean to have a heart that is “stony”?

Some [seed] fell on rocky ground, where it had little soil. It sprang up at once because the soil was not deep, and when the sun rose it was scorched, and it withered for lack of roots.

What are Rocks?  What does rocky ground look like? How do you know if the seed planted in your heart is lacking roots?

The seed sown on rocky ground is the one who hears the word and receives it at once with joy. But he has no root and lasts only for a time. When some tribulation or persecution comes because of the word, he immediately falls away.

Stubbornness and pride are the stones that don’t allow the Word to take root in our lives.

All too often we think we know better so we choose to reject what God is offering us – no matter what it is – even if we don’t understand what it is. We are suffering from stony hearts when we choose to believe that we know what is best for our lives, that we know what it takes to gain heaven, or believe that we don’t need any help.

Even if we don’t know that this is our attitude, these are the rocks that prevent the seed from truly growing in or hearts.

Some seed fell among thorns, and the thorns grew up and choked it.

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What are the “thorns” in your life? What might be choking out the word?

The seed sown among thorns is the one who hears the word, but then worldly anxiety and the lure of riches choke the word and it bears no fruit.

The biggest things in our lives that “choke out Gods word” and prevent the seed from growing and producing fruit would be all the distractions we face.

No one can serve two masters. – Luke 16:13, Matthew 6:24

The “lights and sounds” of this world have grown increasingly distracting from a life of pursuing spiritual growth. The biggest culprits are: entertainment and comfort.

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Entertainment distracts us from God, especially entertainment we feel is innocent. The more distraction we face, the harder it is to see Him, or hear Him when He is trying to speak to us.

Don’t get me wrong, entertainment doesn’t have to be bad. It depends on how we use it.  It is dangerous because it is addicting and it is easy.  We tend to seek it out and waste the precious time and energy we have on something that enables us to remain in our comfort zone, thus keeping us from becoming who and what we are called to be. It is dangerous because it can take over a heart with otherwise fertile soil. It is like a weed because it easily takes root and grows deep and strong fast, becoming an accepted addiction we are almost completely unaware of.


Comfort is equally problematic because it seems innocent and good… and, inherently, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing to enjoy life’s pleasures. However, the more earthly comfort we get accustomed to, the less “possible” a life of self-denial seems – even if we are promised “my yoke is easy and my burden light” (Matthew 11:30). Comfort becomes an addiction that keeps us inside our “comfort zone” and prevents us from growing. It prevents us from embracing the crosses we are given because it makes us believe that we can take care of ourselves and that we no longer need God

And when we no longer feel our need for Him, we stop seeking Him.  This is the true peril of a soul.

fertile ground, parable of the sower, need God, seek God

What is Fertile ground?

But some seed fell on rich soil, and produced fruit, a hundred, or sixty, or thirty fold.

  1. Fertile ground is open. It is loose and aerated – always being changed, turned.
  2. Fertile soil accepts fertilizer.
  3. It NEEDS compost and manure. Elements that are “disgusting” – humanly speaking. The fertile heart embraces sacrifice and learns from life’s difficult moments. It doesn’t expect comfort or complacency, but, becomes nutrient rich for the growth of the seed.
  4. Fertile ground completely gives itself to the seed and to the growth of the plant.

If you have ever gardened, you know that once ground has born fruit, the nutrients that were once in the soil are now in the plant.  They have been absorbed and transformed and show themselves in a plentiful harvest.

You will know them by their fruits – Matthew 7:16

The remaining dirt is spent and tired and needs to be replenished. But, it does so only at the mercy and the tender care of the Gardener. It can do nothing of its own accord.  It can only present itself to the Good Farmer and say “Take me as I am”.

Do you want to be fertile ground? (Parable of the Sower)

We talk about wanting to be fertile ground because it is the only kind that bears fruit. It is the one praised in the gospels – and, who doesn’t want to be praised? But, fertile ground isn’t easy!  It needs to allow itself to be worked.

Are you truly open to what that means?

Remember, in all of these instances, you are just dirt (no offense). You are incapable of doing anything on your own.

You will have to ask the Farmer to remove your weeds and rocks.

You will have to ask the Farmer to fertilize you and give you a willingness to put everything you have and all that you are into the seed.

Thus, Your only task is to seek God.

He will ask you if you are willing to allow Him to “work the land” you offer.

He will gradually remove your stones and thorns,

…but remember…

only HE is the farmer…. You are just the soil…

Lay yourself at His feet and ask Him to make you fertile.

fertile ground, parable of the sower, need god, seek god

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need God, Seek God, Spiritual Warfare

Comment below: What kind of soil are you? 

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