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The ability to make sacrifices in service of a greater good is the hallmark of maturity. – Jordan Peterson

Despite the horrors and negative connotations connected with its name, all mortification means is simply that one chooses what is right over how they “feel”. It means choosing to put the good of any given person, event, or outcome above what you “want”. To mortify oneself is to choose to do something hard or in order to prepare yourself to make the even harder choices later, even when you feel like you’d “rather die” than do it.

We practice mortification when we don’t allow our fear of pain to overcome our love of truth, and when we quell our fight or flight instinct in order to act with intelligence and intentionality.

It is a beautiful thing.

It’s what superheroes are made of!

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Relationship with God

Overcoming the Fear of Being Vulnerable with God – Step Out of the Boat

When I was little I had a really bad bike accident just as I was starting to get confident on two wheels. Ever since then I have had a love hate relationship with bikes.  I love the feel of the wind on my face and the call of the open road… but, I can’t handle cars, pedestrians, intersections, gravel, bumps, turns, snow, downhill grades or anything else that gives me even the slightest concern for my life.

I am a cautious being by nature, so speed and adrenaline are not my friends.

And yet, I realize that it is my fear that makes me unstable. It is my lack of confidence that makes me falter.

So I must question, am I sabotaging myself?


Does God Really Love Me?

DO you ever find yourself asking, Does God really love me?  Is there a way to KNOW if it is true? It seems we can’t get away from the cheesy emoticon bumper-stickers that say “Smile, God loves you!” Does it ever feel like people are “just saying that”? Have you ever felt like saying, “It’s been such a crappy day/week/month/year/life that it sure doesn’t feel like it”?

If we are struggling with the question of lovability, hearing about God’s love for you can almost feel nauseating in its commonality.

How can you believe again?  Let’s look at the reasons you may have started to doubt in the first place…