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This May I dedicated my blog to living motherhood as a calling. I spent some time revisiting past posts in which I have reflected on what motherhood has taught me, what makes it beautiful, and what makes it hard.

Many days are hard.

Most days are messy.

Post-Partum depression, overwhelm, irritability, and selfishness are very real things. But so are growth, joy, awe, tenderness, and beauty.

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To Those Experiencing Difficult Conflict Resolution in Marriage…

Possibly the most painful thing I’ve ever dealt with is the difference in opinion my husband and I have over conflict resolution. It might sound like a minor detail but since conflicts arise every day – parenting, changes of plans, miscommunications…. Some days being married feels like all you ever do is resolve conflict (Especially when you are bad at it)!

The worst part?

If you and your spouse resolve conflicts differently, minor issues become big problems really fast!


When You are the Only One Trying in a Difficult Relationship…

Are you in a difficult relationship?  If you are, or ever have been, you know how painful they can be. They suck the joy from our step and the purpose from our souls. And most often we begin to think it is because the love has left that relationship and been replaced by hatred and resentment.

But, in reality, it’s not because we don’t love the person we are in that difficult relationship with, but rather, the relationship is difficult precisely because we DO.


5 Major Ways the Enemy is attacking the Church

Jesus said,  “You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of the hell shall not prevail against it.” – Matthew 16:18

But He didn’t say anything about a lack of Spiritual Warfare!

In fact, He suggests the exact opposite.

The key word is prevail.