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The garden at our house exploded with produce last year. The difference fertile ground makes is truly incredible!

The year before we were using the same soil that we had been using for the previous 4 years. The desperate lack of nutrients remaining in the soil was definitely starting to show. So we decided to build a whole new garden box and bought new topsoil. This process gave me an entirely new and different perspective on the Parable of the Sower.

Self Care

Is Self-Care Selfish? – 10 question quiz!

I saw a post called “Is self-care selfish?” the other day. Of course, the conclusion was “Absolutely not. You have to take care of yourself to take care of everyone else. You deserve this. You can’t pour from an empty cup. etc” and I agree with this statement, but it’s not that simple.

To truly answer this question we have to ask, what really qualifies as self-care? Have you ever considered the fact that true self-care might be something you don’t necessarily enjoy doing?

It is worth it to distinguish between healthy self-care and other pastimes we enjoy that we like to classify as self-care in order to justify doing them. These are the pastimes that make us ask the question “Is self-care selfish?” in the first place. Obviously, someone’s conscience is pricked, or the question wouldn’t even be out there.

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Called to Quiet – Why and How to Overcome a Fear of Silence

As a pregnant mother of four, my days seem to be getting louder and louder with the spaces of quiet growing fewer and farther between…. the prospects of future quiet growing bleaker still. I have never in my life craved quiet more than I do now. At least once a day I have to hide away in an attempt to escape the noise. I know many mothers can relate to this.  But, this isn’t a problem only mothers face.

A lack of silence seems to plague all of modern society.

According to the Scientific American, the average modern household has three or more televisions and Americans are typically exposed to at least 6 hours of TV per day. It has become the centerpiece of modern homes and the almost indispensable background to the majority of activities including meals and household chores, not to mention nearly the entirety of people’s free time when in their homes. Other screens seem to occupy the rest of the time. If not screens, then busyness. Constant running here and there, never enough time to even recognize the fact that there is no longer any space for quiet in our lives.