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Called to Be Fit at Life – 10 Life Lessons You will Learn from Working Out


I have always struggled with my weight. I have always measured in the overweight/obese category on a BMI scale. I never learned anything about nutrition or a balanced lifestyle from my childhood and acutely felt the lack of knowledge as an adult. It wasn’t until after my first child was born that I finally began my journey to a healthier self.

The first 2 years were almost unbearable for me. I wanted to be fit but hated the pain of physical exertion, especially in my weak and flabby state. I screamed and swore more than I care to admit and nearly punched a hole in the wall more than once (needless to say, it brought out the fact that I had some anger issues to work on as well). However, once I changed my habits I made it from 193 to 138 lbs.  I felt strong and capable and beautiful for the first time ever.  I’ve had 4 children now and recovered each time better than the last.

Obviously, my life has changed dramatically in a physical light, but, in many ways, the real lessons I have learned from this journey are far deeper and more fundamental.

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10 Life Lessons you will learn from Working Out

  • Everything takes practice – sometimes what the “experts” say doesn’t make sense at first but if you keep trying and trusting you will eventually understand.
  • Be patient – results may not happen overnight, but they are happening!
  • Only you can make it happen – No one else can work out for you. You must choose to change your life. Sitting around wishing doesn’t get you anywhere. On the flipside, only you can sabotage yourself – blaming others for your failure is just an excuse not to succeed.
  • You are stronger than you know – You have to push yourself further than you think you can go to get stronger. Also, there is no cap on strength, you can always get stronger. Surpassing your limits makes you feel capable of anything.
  • You are weaker than you know (and that’s ok) – You have to know your weaknesses in order to strengthen them to become a better person. Working out shows you your weaknesses. It also is a wonderful coping mechanism and outlet for stress, anger and hurt. (Read also: Allowing God to Work through your Human Weakness)
  • True healing comes from the inside – Working out changes you from the inside out. It heals the sources of our problems. It puts oxygen in our bloodstream and endorphins in our brain. It makes your skin, your hair and your immune system better, stronger and healthier. It makes you crave healthy foods (makes you want what is good for you). Working out is truly a real “self care” – not just a bandaid.
  • Pain heals – When working out, things always feel worse before they feel better. That first week of soreness is daunting but you have to get past it to see the benefits. Don’t run from the work – embrace the work.
    Great pain is an opportunity to experience great healing
  • Things that look like obstacles really aren’t – I had an emergency c-section and thought I would never be able to use my abs again. Think of all the stories you have heard of people who have run a marathon with a prosthetic leg or become a gymnast in a wheelchair. People of all ages, sizes and health levels have achieved goals like yours. You just have to choose to believe that you can do anything and that God will give you the strength to overcome any obstacle.
  • Balance is crucial to life – Working out teaches you balance. The work out is only one part of the active lifestyle. Just as important as working out is nutrition, warming up, stretching, and resting.
  • God is a personal trainer – He pushes you past your limits to show you what you are capable of.

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