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Called to Dance – Step 3 – Following


Being a dancer “is one of the most difficult jobs. It is like the life of an ephemeral, this specific butterfly. We’re ugly at the beginning, but someone can see through our shell and help us grow… To finally die after few hours enjoying our gorgeous wings and technique to fly. But it is also a beautiful way to spend your life. It is worth the very hard work. When you go on stage, you’re giving your emotions to the world, you can express your inner world, become a goddess, die and then kill, transform yourself over and over again. …Don’t be afraid to throw your soul to your audience, if you want this sort of life.'” – Charlotte Landreau,  Martha Graham Dance Company  (NYC Dance Project – Artists without Borders)  (see image below)

Charlotte Landreau, Martha Graham Dance Company (NYC Dance Project - Artists without Borders)
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Step 3: Start dancing! – Follow


This is the step we’ve been waiting for! The other steps (Intro, Presence, and Listening) have been leading up to this one.  They were the preparation for the dance. Now we get to start moving, dancing, swaying, twirling, flying!

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Sometimes we hear the music start and, out of fear, we don’t move. We are afraid to make a wrong step or look silly. (Just a quick FYI, it is often the person on a dance floor who refuses to move who looks the silliest.)

Matthew West - Do Something
Matthew West – Do Something
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Yes, dear reader, we have to act.  Often we “pray and pray” and do nothing.  We “pray” and expect some angel to come out of the sky and fix everything with their magic wand. Newsflash: Fairy godmothers do not exist! We do! We have to step out of the boat.  We have to stop blaming God for problems and start getting our hands dirty. We have to “meet God halfway” as the grandfather says in Wilson Rawl’s Where the Red Fern Grows.

But what do I do?

How can we know if the actions we do are the right ones? How do we know if we are really dancing?

  • Lovers make the best dancers. St. Augustine’s famous words were, “Love and do whatever you wish!” As long as we have a close relationship with the one we love, our wills become so united that what God wants becomes what we desire also. Review post on Presence as well as those on the Levels of Love and work on advancing there.

    Hillary Scott - Thy Will
    Thy Will – Hillary Scott
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  • Trial and error.  (for the more day to day things, ie. what job to take, where to live, what to study, which book to read, etc.) There will be times when we try to act and everything goes wrong.  We are trying to do something “good” but there is just no peace in our hearts or spirit in our work.  Sometimes there may even be giant “red flags”, real, insurmountable obstacles, lessons learned or advice from someone genuinely invested in your best interest that are signaling you toward something different, even if that something feels less “impressive” an undertaking. That is when it is time to let go.
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, if you realize something was wrong even when you thought it would be right, just stop and try something else. Listen to Hilary Scott’s “Thy Will” and don’t worry about time “wasted”, think of it as time spent well, discovering “what not to do” as Thomas Edison put it. It’s never too late to set out on another path time to start acting again in a different direction. It’s ok to step on a few toes at first as you are learning, eventually the flow will come and Christ is a patient partner.
  • Trust that He truly is leading you in this dance. He wants nothing more than to show off His strength and your beauty.

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