Building a Relationship with God

6 steps to build a practical friendship with God


We all know the vital importance of friendship.  Without it we are lonely and life lacks meaning. We were not meant to be alone.

Here are 6 steps to starting up a genuine friendship with someone who can actually fulfill your longingsGenesis 2:18

Friendship with God in 6 steps

  1. Open yourself up to the idea of being friends with God. Often we can fight this if we have ever thought people who claimed friendship with God were crazy. Start looking at the possibility with curiosity rather than disdain.
  2. Cultivate silence – Start tuning out some of the noise in your life so that you can have a genuine conversation with Him.
  3. Learn to pray  – Simply talk to God. Talk to him like a normal person who is interested in getting to know you. Go beyond “small talk”. Go deep. Be genuine. Share secrets. Let Him into the deepest places in your heart. Don’t try to hide from Him.

    7th Time Down – Just Say Jesus
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  4. Learn to listen – God speaks in stillness – not always the stillness of the surroundings but in the stillness of your heart. Read – Cultivating Meaningful Interior and Exterior Silence
  5. Apologize for things you may have done to hurt your relationship with Him. Honesty and Humility at this stage are the most crucial elements to being able to build any relationship.
  6. Make time for Him – as in any relationship, you must dedicate time and effort to make it grow and deepen. (This is usually something we come to enjoy more and more as we get to know the person. It will feel less and less like effort and more and more like necessity as your relationship grows)

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