Living a Relationship with God

What does it mean to be “Docile” to God?


Have no fear of moving into the unknown. Simply step out fearlessly knowing that HE is with you, therefore, no harm can befall you; all is very, very well. ~ John Paul II

What is Docility?

The level of Docility is the level at which the Trust goes from passive to active.

At this point we are willing to do whatever He asks even if we don’t know what it is, what it might mean for us, or how it might affect us.

This is the love we express in the Traditional Wedding Vows: “I promise to be true to you for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health…” because there is really no way to know what this life you are committing to is going to entail.

This is the level of love for God that Mary demonstrated in her Fiat at the Annunciation and the love that Peter showed when he stepped out of the boat to walk to Christ over the stormy seas.

How do we live it?

  • Build relationship of trust: This level requires a clear connection with Him that we understand what we are supposed to do and then that we do it, without hardly a thought or a question, so implicit is our trust. Read – 4 Obstacles to Trust and How to Overcome Them, Dancing with God – Discovering the Romance of a Relationship with Christ, 6 steps to a practical friendship with God, Does God love me? and God Speaks Your love Language
  • Listen: In this level our closeness with God, or anyone for that matter, needs to have reached reached the point where we can “hear” Him speak to us and so as to know what He wants us to do in particular moments or when it comes to choosing particular paths in life, etc.
  • Overcome prior “need to know”: Often our fears of the unknown can paralyze us into not wanting to say “yes” until everything is spelled out for us. However, there is rarely a time or circumstance that is going to be obvious or perfectly transparent in terms of what all our “yes” will entail. No matter which life path we decide to walk we can never know exactly what crosses or blessings it will bring – and yet, once you choose it you are saying “yes” to whatever may come, not just the parts you decide you like when they arrive.
  • Pray and Act: Ask God to help you to recognize His voice in the stillness of your heart and to give you the strength to trust and then act on that trust.

Why does Docility express love?

Unlike Need, Belief, and Peace, Docility is the first “level of love” that requires ultimate vulnerability.  It requires us to let go of ourselves in the love process. It is saying “because I love you, I will do anything for you. No matter what it is. No matter what the cost.” It is saying, “I love you more than myself… and I will prove it.” It is also saying, I trust that you love me back and will take care of me.” This is why Docility is simple and straightforward to explain but can be difficult to “master”. It is one we need to renew on a regular, potentially even daily or hourly, basis.

Comment below:

How have you seen a need for Docility in your own life? The value of Docility is almost only visible in hindsight… Do you have a story to share that might motivate others to take the leap?

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