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You know you’ve experienced it… Marital loneliness…

…that ache of feeling unequally yoked? of missing the “friend” you used to have? Or, wondering what happened to the person you thought you married?

But, it’s not because they are gone that you miss them, but rather, and even most especially, when you are in the same room, and living under the same roof!

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How Trusting God Healed My Marriage – A Wounded Wife’s Testimony

Does your marriage need healing? I hope this beautiful testimony from Michele gives you hope that no matter how minor or how deeply ingrained your difficulties are, there is always hope, as long as we are willing to humble ourselves to trust God’s biblical design for marriage.


“When I reflect back through 2019, the highlight was easily this amazing 4 step piece of advice from my biblical mentor that changed my life and saved my marriage: