Finding Fulfillment in Following God

Fertile Ground – Lent Retreat – Info

A Big Thank You

to all of you who made Lent 2022 such a success!!

Fertile Ground will be back in early February 2023!!!

The upcoming Fertile Ground Series will consist of a weekly email series (sent Wednesday mornings) with a video reflection on each week’s theme, plus reflection activities for each day. The retreat book and accompanying journal will be available for purchase as well!

Some Highlights from the 2022 season include:

  • Prequel Week ~ Preparation (Pre-Lent)
    • Understanding Septuagesima and the Universality of Lent + Why the “Sign of the Cross”
  • Week 1 (Ash Wednesday) ~”Dust”
    • Understanding who we are (what kind of soil are we) and how much we need God
  • Week 2 – Living Water (Lenten Prayer)
    • Special bonuses: the Martha and Mary Test & 9 Day Surrender Prayer
  • Week 3 – Deep Roots (How to Keep Going when it’s Hard)
    • Special Bonuses: “A Prayer for When it’s Hard” Wall printable + Mini playlist of songs to help you keep going when you want to quit
  • Week 4 – 7 Stages of Growth
    • Special Reflection on Seeds
  • Week 5 – What it means to be “Fertile Ground”?
    • Expectations & the Difference Between Calling and Sending
  • Week 6 – Who is God (CULTIVATING a Relationship with God – Abiding in the Vine)
  • Holy Week – The Role of Death in the Fertile Christian Life

You can absolutely email me with comments, questions, or concerns any time: