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Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.  Before you were born I consecrated you.  – Jeremiah 1:5

Your whole LIFE is a callingEVERYTHING has meaning and purpose. Your gender is a calling. Rocking your eyecolor, skin tone and body type is a calling. Embracing your talents and passions is a callingYour relationship (or lack thereof) is a calling. What you do with your life is a calling


the most fundamental calling of all, the one that all other callings lead to and stem from,

is the calling to a RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD.

Without a strong, true, personal, and intimate relationship with God, nothing else matters.  Nothing else makes sense.

He is our center. He brings meaning to our struggles, purpose to our efforts. love to our lives and peace to our hearts.

Are you ready to discover what it looks like to live your life as a calling?

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