Impact of a Relationship with God

How to Let God Work through your Human Weakness

Do you get frustrated by failure?  Do you feel that all too often your best efforts and best laid plans are thwarted by irritating nothings that somehow have the power to ruin everything?

I’m pretty sure most human beings can agree that we aren’t the biggest fans of not measuring up to our own standards, or, even worse, to the standards we feel others place on us. As disappointing as it may be, we are all human, and part of being human necessarily entails weakness and imperfection.

How can we ever find peace with our reality if we are trying to become something we are not (namely, perfect)? Is there any way to see our weakness in a more positive light?

Impact of a Relationship with God

2 Keys to Embracing Who You Are

Embracing who you are is one of the hardest but most important things that we can do as a human person. We are all locked in a love-hate relationship with ourselves. If we could just overcome this conflict we would resolve all the problems we have with “self-esteem” in our society, from wishing we had different hair, skin or talents to undoing the gender “confusion” revolution.

Often, we think that being ourselves happens by doing stuff that “makes you you”, that our worth somehow has to be earned. We fight so hard and so long to have the right job, the right clothes, the right car, phone, relationship, financial or social status so that we can prove to others and ourselves that we deserve respect and admiration… Why do we have to keep up this never ending, relentless and exhausting effort to BE something? Is all the madness really answering our question?

Who am I? Do I matter? What do I have to offer? Am I important, valued, loved?

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