Burning Out

I’m so happy you are here.

I see you trying so hard. Crossing your “t”s and dotting those “i”s, checking all the boxes and following the rules.

You are pretty sure know what you are “supposed to do”, but WHY does it have to be so HARD??? No, its more than hard. It’s IMPOSSIBLE. God’s standards are just cruel! Why does it practically feel like God is punishing you for trying to do everything right?

Does anybody care about all your effort? Is it even worth it to keep going?

You are sucked dry.

Resentment is building, coping is starting to feel unhealthy, and if another person asks for one more thing, you might just snap.

Religious guilt tripping, unrealistic and unfair expectations are such a real part of your life –  not to mention the self-loathing beginning to arise from an inordinate dependence on whatever your guilty pleasure is – namely,  an addiction masquerading as self-care in response to increasing symptoms of “depression”.

When Burnout threatens your Relationships

Sometimes your Burnout goes DEEPER than Guilt and Unreasonable Requests. Maybe yours is the earth shattering kind that is threatening your relationships or even shaking the foundation of your life.

Yes, it is a secret truth we don’t want to admit but its getting more and more difficult to deny.

  • Maybe its your children

You thought you were called to this, but the harder you try, the worse it gets. The nicer you are to your kids, the more cruelly they treat you. The more you “love them”, the less lovable they become, and the lower you hold the bar, the lower they seem to sink.

  • Maybe it’s your marriage

Are you one of the ones brave enough to admit that you thought that marrying for religion was what you were supposed to do, but now you realize that your spouse is just as human as anyone else? Perhaps you thought you could compromise by marrying for love and jumping through all the religious hoops, but none of those hoops made anything easier? or, could it be, that they even made it worse?  Most likely you were just in a place where you married “young and stupid”. How could you have possibly known what you were getting yourself into? Now you are miserable, but a vow somehow still means something deeper to you than a piece of paper. Is this just unhealthy guilt and you deserve to be free? You feel like you’ve tried everything. Why shouldn’t you just throw in the towel like everybody else?

  • Maybe it’s your Loneliness

You’ve been waiting so long for the perfect Mr. Right, the one who measured up to your standards of perfection, and checked off all your boxes. You’ve broken hearts and turned away all your good options over your petty pride. Was it all a mistake? Why does it hurt like this? Does perfection even exist? and Is there any hope for your happiness?

  • Maybe it’s your Faith

Everything you’ve ever done, you did because you thought this was the way you were “supposed to do it”. Why should you keep doing what is “right” when you are so miserable? What is “right” anyway? It is just a bunch of religious fanatics using guilt to control you? If so, its working! Is now the time to “break free”? If God is even real, and He is loving, then wouldn’t He empathize with your pain and want you to be happy?

All you know for sure is

You can’t live like this anymore!

Oh my dear, I have a secret for you.


I know it hurts, but you are NOT invisible.  I see you, and my heart aches for your pain. BUT, I promise, you are NOT ALONE!

This is the worst possible place to be by human standards, but for our God of paradox it is quite the opposite. This is EXACTLY where He needs you to be!

Your biggest calling is almost always to the area of your greatest weakness

because THAT is where He gets to be your strength.

It may sound counterintuitive but, it is precisely in your deepest imaginable anguish that you will meet Him, as if for the first time.

If you want to quit… Yes, in this moment when you most want to run as far away as possible, THIS is the moment that you MUST lean in. THIS is when it matters most.

I write for You

And so, my dear, when you are hurting, I write to help show you HOW to “lean in” – how to lean in and what to cut out.  Because you CAN’T do everything, and God DOES want you to be happy.  I want to help you learn to say the RIGHT “no”s and the RIGHT “yes”s that help you realign yourself with the person you are meant to be.

This is where you get to take “TRUE ME TIME” and Find out what it means to be FILLED and SEEN.

Do you need to make a Personal Identity statement, for yourself, your marriage, or your family? Or is what you need simply the Essentialism Pack – Worksheets to help you build confidence in who you are meant to be and know which things you SHOULD BE SAYING NO TO, so that you can do what you ARE called to do well!

Everything is going to be ok.

I promise.