Finding Fulfillment in Following God

Loving yourself as God loves you is not just a nice thing, it is NECESSARY! It is a CALLING!  It is critical to know how to have this healthy relationship with yourself in order to love your neighbor too! 

Love your neighbor AS YOURSELF – Mark 12:31 (Emphasis added)

If you have been following me for a while you probably already know this,  but if you are just getting to know the ParticularlyCALLED family, you might not have heard it before… I’ve have talked a lot abut the concept of “three tiers of vocation“, or the “Three tired universal Calling from God“. Read especially: How can I know if Following God’s will will make me Happy? 

Three tiered concept of our “Calling” 


Each of our callings is fundamentally and foundationally to Relationship with God. We were created by Him and for Him and, therefore, only truly make sense in relation to Him. Hence, this relationship makes up the first “tier” of our callings.


The second level is always found in relationship to ourselves (and others). Once we understand ourselves in relation to God, we can begin to have a healthy relationship with ourselves – knowing and experiencing an appreciation for how He made us and why.


Only then can we come to the third tier which naturally flows from the first two – what we DO with our lives. The problem with this world is that we want to jump directly to the 3rd tier and skip over our foundation. We try to find our worth in DOING rather than in being. (Which leads to inevitable disappointment and heartbreak.)

The point of this post – Learning to embrace yourself (humbly)

This leads us to the point of this week’s post, our self acceptance in light of our identity in Christ (Somewhere crossing the bridge between the first and second tier).

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Music and other resources for Self-Acceptance

Thus, I would like to share some beautiful and moving songs and other resources that have helped me in this area in my own personal journey in the hopes that you too will come to find your value in Christ and fall in love with the person you are meant to be.

Recognizing God’s Love

Songs of Forgiveness and Healing

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Songs to Inspire Change and Personal Growth

Other Songs to remind you of your Belovedness

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Click here for a link to the YouTube Playlist of all these songs and more!

Do you know any songs we need to add to this list?  What other resources help you have a healthy relationship with yourself? Please share below!

Looking for More Songs that give you Hope?

There is a whole post dedicated to this topic. Click the link above to find more great songs on Suffering, Healing, Worry, Fear, and Strength.

More Resources to build a Healthy Relationship with Yourself:

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