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Why someone would build a relationship with Godwhy you want one, and why you need one.

Also,  How to build a strong foundation for that deep, meaningful, and personal relationship with God that your soul longs for.


Do you ever find yourself worn out from trying so hard? Ever wonder if it is worth it to give your all? You are not alone! I say to myself at least 4 times a week (usually about parenting and houscleaning) “WHY DO I BOTHER???” For most things, giving your all is a depleting, energy sucking, soul crushing activity that almost always ends in futile defeat. We are simply not strong enough to meet our own expectations. But what if I told you that giving your all to a Relationship with God has exactly the opposite effect? Life-giving, energizing JOY, not to mention the actual strength we need to do everything else!

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Quiet and Listening to God, Relationship with God, Self Care

Called to Quiet – Why and How to Overcome a Fear of Silence

As a pregnant mother of four, my days seem to be getting louder and louder with the spaces of quiet growing fewer and farther between…. the prospects of future quiet growing bleaker still. I have never in my life craved quiet more than I do now. At least once a day I have to hide away in an attempt to escape the noise. I know many mothers can relate to this.  But, this isn’t a problem only mothers face.

A lack of silence seems to plague all of modern society.

According to the Scientific American, the average modern household has three or more televisions and Americans are typically exposed to at least 6 hours of TV per day. It has become the centerpiece of modern homes and the almost indispensable background to the majority of activities including meals and household chores, not to mention nearly the entirety of people’s free time when in their homes. Other screens seem to occupy the rest of the time. If not screens, then busyness. Constant running here and there, never enough time to even recognize the fact that there is no longer any space for quiet in our lives.

Discernment, Quiet and Listening to God, Relationship with God

Listening to God in a World full of Noise

I love listening to God. His voice is so calming, so comforting, so encouraging, so motivating, so surprising.  He is quiet, but then, all of a sudden, He speaks.

God is always surprising me with little things He says.  They are usually short and sweet and come out of the blue, but when He speaks, the world is made right. He can solve what seem to me like giant problems in two seconds or heal my heartbreak in three words. But, He doesn’t just solve problems, He gives me advice when I need it, and speaks love to my heart when I can’t feel it. He even shares little details with me about the beauty of His plans for the future and sparks of humor to brighten my day.

The most beautiful thing is that no matter how our life changes or how busy we are, as long as we take time to listen, He speaks.

Prayer, Quiet and Listening to God

Using a Prayer Journal to Listen to God

I have been using a prayer journal since 9th grade. I was never formally introduced to the idea of a prayer journal, it was more like I was encouraged to take notes during morning and evening prayer at the school I attended. I don’t know exactly how it evolved into what it is now, but my prayer journal has become something I literally cannot live without. Like, the answer to the “what is the one thing you would save if your house was on fire?” kind of important. I used to use whatever old notebooks I could get my hands on, but pretty soon everyone knew that for birthdays and Christmas, a new journal was all I wanted.

Now that I am married, my husband has taken to getting me the super huge leather bound ones from Barnes and Noble that come in the plastic case. I love them because it is the place where I keep all the things closest to my heart – a mother’s day card with an extra special drawing from my kids, a letter from my mom, any particularly helpful advice I have received, spiritual quotes, bible passages, inspirations, motivations, etc, but most of all, and most importantly, all my conversations with Jesus.