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Building a Relationship with God

Following God – 4 tips for doing God’s Will (Even if you’re not sure what it is)

Yes, dear reader, we have to act.  Often we “pray and pray” and do nothing.  We “pray” and expect some angel to come out of the sky and fix everything with their magic wand. Newsflash: Fairy godmothers do not exist! We do! We have to step out of the boat.  We have to stop blaming God for problems and start getting our hands dirty. We have to “meet God halfway” as the grandfather says in Wilson Rawl’s Where the Red Fern Grows.

But what do I do?

How can we know if the actions we do are the right ones?

  • Lovers make the best dancers. St. Augustine’s famous words were, “Love and do whatever you wish!” As long as we have a close relationship with the one we love, our wills become so united that what God wants becomes what we desire also. Review post on Presence as well as those on the Levels of Love and work on advancing there.

    Hillary Scott - Thy Will
    Thy Will – Hillary Scott
    Click to listen!
  • Trial and error.  (for the more day to day things, ie. what job to take, where to live, what to study, which book to read, etc.) There will be times when we try to act and everything goes wrong.  We are trying to do something “good” but there is just no peace in our hearts or spirit in our work.  Sometimes there may even be giant “red flags”, real, insurmountable obstacles, lessons learned or advice from someone genuinely invested in your best interest that are signaling you toward something different, even if that something feels less “impressive” an undertaking. That is when it is time to let go.
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, if you realize something was wrong even when you thought it would be right, just stop and try something else. Listen to Hilary Scott’s “Thy Will” and don’t worry about time “wasted”, think of it as time spent well, discovering “what not to do” as Thomas Edison put it. It’s never too late to set out on another path time to start acting again in a different direction. It’s ok to step on a few toes at first as you are learning, eventually the flow will come and Christ is a patient partner.
  • Trust that He truly is leading you in this dance. He wants nothing more than to show off His strength and your beauty.


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Impact of a Relationship with God

3 Steps to Deeper Peace of Soul

I am a worrier.  I worry about everything.  I worry about every single decision I make, from what to make for dinner to whether or not I should spend those $20 extra at the grocery store. I worry about my abilities as a wife and a mother. I worry about my eating habits, my weight, my beauty and my ability to be loved. I worry about my children and their futures. I worry about my husband and his health. I worry about the health of my relationships with friends and family members.  I worry about my problems and other people’s problems ’til I can’t sleep at night. But there is one thing I no longer worry about

Deepening a Relationship with God

Why You Should Believe in God

Do you experience fear?  Do you find yourself worrying about things that are not within your control? Do you wonder why your prayers go “unanswered”?  Do you wonder why you “never see” any more miracles?  Is it because God is far away and has forgotten us? No, it is because of our lack of belief.   

Deepening a Relationship with God

4 Obstacles to Trusting God and How to Overcome Them

Often my kids are trying to get down off a bed or a chair or something and they inch themselves backwards off the edge until they can’t go any further without “falling” the last inch or so to the ground. But, what they don’t realize is how close to the ground they really are. Thus, when their little toes don’t touch anything they start screaming for help in sheer panic…. They’ve backed up too far to climb back up and can’t go back any further without losing their precarious hold on the bed sheets or the edge of the chair.I’m usually busy so I try to be reassuring and calming while continuing whatever it was that I was doing and tell them to just let go and they will be safe.  I do this also to teach them to trust me.  When I say it’s ok to let go, I want them to know, it’s ok to let go and that they don’t have to keep questioning me.

The same is true for God.