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Life as a Dance


Being a dancer “is one of the most difficult jobs. It is like the life of an ephemeral, this specific butterfly. We’re ugly at the beginning, but someone can see through our shell and help us grow… To finally die after few hours enjoying our gorgeous wings and technique to fly. But it is also a beautiful way to spend your life. It is worth the very hard work. When you go on stage, you’re giving your emotions to the world, you can express your inner world, become a goddess, die and then kill, transform yourself over and over again. …Don’t be afraid to throw your soul to your audience, if you want this sort of life.'” – Charlotte Landreau,  Martha Graham Dance Company  (NYC Dance Project – Artists without Borders)  (see image below)

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Discernment, Relationship with God

How to dance with God – Step 2 – Listening

In the finale dance scene from the movie Strictly Ballroom the music is cut in order to prevent the couple from continuing their dance. Scott, the male main character, remembers Fran’s (the female lead) grandmother encouraging him, “Listen to the Rhythm. Don’t be scared!” He pauses a moment to gather himself and, despite the lack of audible music, the two finish the dance and all those present are in an uproar at the sheer beauty of the performance. This ability to listen in our hearts is the key to being able to follow in the dance.

Relationship with God, The Human Struggle

Presence – How to Dance with God – Step 1

Nathan Greene ArtIn order to learn how to dance with God, we have to recognize that the ultimate key factor is learning to Follow. When we learn to follow we learn to recognize that, as obvious as it might seem, we are not in the lead,  that God is either our partner or our Instructor.  Either way, He is the one in charge.  He is the one who is displaying His strength by showing off our beauty (or, for you guys, the one showing you how to be strong). (See with God).

So, all these dance steps are essentially tips on teaching us how to follow, how to recognize cues, how to see them as beautiful and beneficial to us rather than controlling.

In this first practical post we will focus on the importance of presence.

Discernment, Relationship with God

Dancing with God – A new perspective on building a personal relationship with Christ

Dear Beautiful Thirsting Soul,

Are you jealous of people who seem to have a close relationship with God? Do you keep trying and trying, reading and “praying”, wanting and hoping, but feeling like you get nowhere? Do you hear people telling you that you “have to build a relationship with Christ”, that “life is better with a relationship with Christ”, and that religion is more like “falling in love” than following rules… but nobody seems to tell you what to do about it?  Everybody just says, pray about it, offer it up, just trust, you’ll get there etc. but all it feels like is that people are telling you you are doing something wrong and how you feel is that you don’t know what you are doing in the first place? We need a new perspective, one that doesn’t seem so oppressive, so like I’m doing something wrong or like I’m simply not doing enough…