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I built this blog because there is a special plan for each and every one of us. We were created by love, for love. We were created for Paradise, for perfection, for greatness, for fulfillment (see Longing).

We are all seeking more because this world falls short of what we were created for. We lose hope. We lose focus. We lose sight of our value and our purpose.

We need a reminder. We need to come back to what really matters. We need to remember that we are particularly called. We need to know that we are not alone and that it is worth “fighting the good fight”. #togetherinthetrenches #particularlycalled

We are called to be ourselves

This is so much more than discovering our particular style in clothes or home decor or our particular interests in food or hobbies. We are called to discover our place in this world. We are called to find our particular work, our ministry to make our corner of the world a better place.  We are called to find ourselves in relationships and in solitude. We are called to true womanhood or manhood. We are called to a romance with God (See Dancing with God). We are called to change and growth. We are called to discover our littleness and embrace our belovedness. We are called constantly to more and better things, more and better love.  We are called, as Matthew Kelly says, to become the best-version-of-ourselves. What else is there?

We are called to suffering

Pain isn’t just an inconvenient or distasteful part of life that is to be avoided. Granted, we needn’t seek it out (See post on Suffering) but if we’ve been alive longer than about 5 minutes we know that it doesn’t need to be sought out to find us. Our trials aren’t a nuisance. Our trials are a gift, a gift to show us who we are. Are we resilient? resourceful? hopeful? persistent? strong? patient? Or are we easily daunted? whiney? selfish? weak? impatient? despairing?

Our trials bring out the raw and unadulterated us…. in trials we can’t put on a face for others to see but rather our truest self shines forth. They show us what we need to work on, how we can improve, and how much we love.

Embrace it and let it expand your heart!

We are called to love

Love gives life meaning, purpose, and joy. We are called to love our children, our spouses, our neighbors, our authorities, and even strangers.We may have heard that love is not a feeling, but it’s a decision. What we may not realize is that love is not a decision even to feel a certain way but to act a certain way.

It is to choose to act for the good of the person we love, no matter the consequence to ourselves. This is why the saying “if you love someone, let them go” is so true. It shifts the focus from what you want to allowing the other person to freely choose the relationship, which makes the love in the end all that much sweeter.

To live love we must constantly renew the decision to choose the good of the other person above our own desires. Often this requires us to act without knowing the cost to ourselves….

Are you willing to pay the price to live the love you are called to?

We are called to LIFE

Call it what you will, a full life, a happy life, eternal life. When you think of your ideal life, what do you see? Joy? Peace? Love? A finally satiated loneliness? Freedom from fear? from pain? from longing? We want this dream because we were created to want it. We want it because it is possible. We want it because it is good. We are good. And we were created by goodness Himself. We don’t just have to believe that it is possible. We don’t just have to blindly hope. We can taste and see NOW that this is true. But, we can only taste it once we let go of what we already know. We have to try something different in order to experience something different. We can’t be satisfied with the mediocre that lets us down, rather we must be bold, daring, trusting. Take that leap of faith. Let go of what you know in order to discover something greater.

Life is more than we know. Love is more than you think. Fulfillment is possible as soon as you are willing to die for it…. only to realize that once you do, you’ve never been more fully alive!

On a Personal Note:

I say these things not because I have somehow mastered life already, but because I haven’t. I too need to remind myself of what’s important and what all the events and people of my life are teaching me. I desperately need to grow as well, to continue maturing, improving, searching, finding, loving, accepting and hurting to find my way.

But I have tasted what it can be like. The little openness I have already experienced let’s me know with absolute certainty that genuine happiness is possible. That God truly wants me, and everyone else, to experience everything He created us for and that it is very good! It is a good beyond imagination but nonetheless it is real, life changing and worth every moment and every struggle it takes to arrive there.

Will you accept the challenge? Will you embrace your particular call?

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