About Me

My name is Carolyn Pereira.

I have a VERY wide array of interests, talents and experiences. I am a writer, wife, mother, homeschooler, and former language professor. I am well traveled and well read. I enjoy literature, dance, music, art and poetry. I am a home decor geek and avid foodie. I love Little House on the Prairie, my Spanish bookclub, wine (when I’m not pregnant), and singing my babies to sleep.


I am a perfectionist. I am deep and reflective. I am seeking, as are we all, fulfillment, peace and meaning in life. I want to live the best life I can live, even if it is simple and “ordinary”.

I don’t want to be another “mom blog” although my motherhood has shaped who I am. I don’t want to be a “teacher blog” or a “physical fitness” blog although those parts of my life also greatly shape who I am.

I just want to write about the things I have learned from the struggles I have faced and will continue to face forever.  I struggle, among other things, with my weight, body image, self-control and depression and I’m sure I’m not alone in seeking peace and hope in the midst of pain.  I write because everyday I learn how to have a more meaningful and fulfilling life. I write because the love I have for God and those around me is exploding out of my chest and I can’t contain it.

Hope you enjoy my story…