About Me

Hello, fellow wanderers!

My name is Carolyn Pereira.

I have a VERY wide array of interests, talents and experiences. I am a writer, wife, mother, homeschooler, and former language professor. I am well traveled and well read. I enjoy literature, dance, music, art and poetry. I am a home decor geek and avid foodie. I love Little House on the Prairie, my Spanish bookclub, wine (when I’m not pregnant), and singing my babies to sleep.


I am a perfectionist. I am deep and reflective. I am seeking, as are we all, fulfillment, peace and meaning in life. I want to live the best life I can live, whether it be simple and “ordinary” or in the public eye. I don’t want to be another “mom blog” although my motherhood has shaped who I am. I don’t want to be a “teacher blog” or a “physical fitness” blog although those parts of my life also greatly shape who I am.

So many elements shape all of us, our experiences, our relationships and our passions… but there is one unifying factor.

God is using all of the experiences, relationships and passions to teach us who we are, who we were made to be and, ultimately and most importantly, to bring us to Him.  Nothing in our lives makes sense without Him and without Him nothing is truly fulfilling. Peace without recognizing God as its source is, at best, a fleeting imitation of the peace He wants to breathe into our restless hearts.

No matter your interests or your state in life, you too can find peace, you can find meaning, you can discover the beauty of who you are and who you were created to be…. but only within a deep, intimate and personal relationship with God. Everything comes back to Him as our center, the center of our decisions, the center of our relationships, the center of our passions, the center of our lives.

Do you want to re-discover your center with me?